TrueSource’s Vision
TrueSource empowers creators to turn datasets into data apps for free in 5 minutes.

Hello, world! We are TrueSource and we’re super excited to have you here! This is the very beginning of our story, so we’d like to introduce ourselves and tell you more about why we’re building what we’re building.

We are a founding team of four united by a vision: to become the database of the world. We strongly believe that the world will be more efficient and productive when all information is connected and easily accessible. This will in turn inspire a more data-driven approach to decision making, and allow us as a collective to be better informed.

As technology develops and almost everything goes digital, we capture and store more and more information every day. However, most of this information is siloed, and therefore extremely difficult to locate and access. Have you tried googling public datasets lately? This surely cannot be the best that humanity can come up with. We are determined to change the status quo by creating a new, more connected home for data, where not only can your data make friends with other creators’ data, but you can collaborate with other creators too!

We’re starting our journey by enabling all to build intelligent data products and connecting our creators to other data-savvy makers through these shared connections. Oh, and by the way, we do all of this without the need for any coding, empowering the vast majority of the world without technical skills to participate!

Does this sound inspiring to you? We are fired up and ready to rock the boat! But it’s not our first rodeo: we know that it will take time and a lot of hard work to build a platform and a community. We need all the help and feedback from our early users, so please join us on our journey, share your thoughts, and let’s make TrueSource an open and diverse community!

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  1. This is an amazing tool!!

    I have spent the last four months… hours (HOURS AND HOURS) sorting through websites and finding the right keywords to search on google, then sorting through hoards of data once I found something useful. (Don’t get me wrong, this was not wasted time as I think I have developed a Ph.D. on internet “BS” along the way… but my grey hair is not amused!) Once I did learn how to find the data I was looking for, I had more work and continued to learn how to attach and utilize API’s correctly.

    My ultimate goal is to build out a suite of customized mapping tools, develop them into a suite of apps, and live happily ever after on the income produced while traveling with my family.

    To build out the apps that are in my head… I still need to learn how to develop and manage applications in IOS and Android. However, I’m fairly certain the complexity of this step can be drastically reduced with the integration of your service. It seems as though your platform is rather new, but the ideas are abundantly apparent! For someone like me who doesn’t know what he doesn’t know and is scared to death to spend the family nest egg on the development of something that may or may not work out, it’s a sort of a no-brainer.

    I suppose I’m writing this to say thanks… and hurry up! I want your service and think there are many other people out here banging around on keyboards like little chimpanzees that need it too!


  2. Hey everyone,

    This seems interesting and I would like to contribute to TrueSource’s vision.
    I am not exactly clear on how this portal works.

    Could you create blog posts answering a few of the questions
    What data sources are we allowed to upload?
    How can we monetize the data?
    Maximum size of data that can be uploaded?

    Thank you

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